Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Pink and Neon Green.

Day nine. 8am-6pm (10hrs)=171 hours to go...

This morning I made it to the subway and bought tokens just in time to make my train. Of course there was some weird lady reading shit out loud and talking to herself.

Today we shot Lilly Pulitzer stuff again. This time it was her fall collection and we got to shoot some of the children clothing on Lilly's employee's daughters. (did that make sense?) They were really cute. The younger one had enough after like two outfits and the older one did really well. It took a little longer to style them and get the photos but they're young and they're not models... just kids.

Then we shot the usual women's collection. Bright pink, purple, neon green... It was pretty much the same as the other shoots for Lilly. Trevor had me take some pictures of him for Philly Mag (I think) because he's going to be pictured as a contributor. He said I should avoid close-ups and that it was good if the camera was covering his face. I took some photos of him in action and got some good ones-- one of them looks like he has a mustache from part of the camera. He enjoyed the mustache one and said his hair looks about the same color as his pants.

Towards the end I was steaming some menswear from a different company that Trevor was shooting flats for... Exciting stuff. I just missed Beatrice, a fellow intern, when catching the subway home... hopefully we will be Wednesday subway buddies next week. Monday I will be helping Trevor with some 'Best of Philly' stuff. We will be shooting at Terrain (which is a newer branch of URBN specializing in gardening and outdoor furniture and things) and, as Trevor put it, "some clothing store near Rittenhouse." It should be nice to get out of the studio and change up the lighting a little. K bye!

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.


Cute little bb girl model.


This happened because iPhone took this picture exactly when the flash went off... weird.

Cute little girl model number 2.

checking out her photos.



Trevor with camera stache.

The photo we picked.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Feeling Well.

Today was supposed to be day nine but I had a rough weekend and didn't feel well enough to go to the studio.

As I was wasting my day watching Harry Potter and cruising around the internet I saw a blog post by Perez Hilton. He attended the MuchMusic Video Awards and wore a suit designed by Lilly Pulitzer! It has pandas all over it and, of course, hints of pink. It lifted my spirits slightly and made me feel a little important for having a tiny connection to someone famous. Ha.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern... heartbroken.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Day six. 8am-7:30pm (11.5hrs)= 181 hours to go...

This morning I had a creeper encounter at the subway. Surprise! I was sitting on a bench waiting for the next train and this guy, who looked like he could be homeless, walked by me with his crazy eye.... then he walked by again the opposite way... and then again back the first way. Each time he stared right at me. What is it with you Philadelphia?

Today we shot wedding gowns for Alfred Angelo. It was the same people that were here for the prom dress shoot the first week I interned. The lighting was really cool. Darker, dramatic. The dresses looked really good. Charlie was working on some retouching from the Lilly shoot so I spent my time hovering over him occasionally and helping Trevor when I could. It was a pretty easy shoot. I'm trying to integrate some Charlie creeping into my days at the studio.

We were talking about backup singers today because Trevor put on some crazy 90's station via satellite. I told Charlie about my life dream to become a backup singer in Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" (I LOVE Tom Petty). Later, we were talking about southern accents and Gainesville, Florida came up so I told them Tom Petty grew up there. Charlie quipped, "You would know that," and, based on these events, we decided there will now be a fun fact about Tom Petty every day I intern.

Speaking of fun facts, here's some:

1. Diet Coke= most popular studio beverage among models, stylists, hair and makeup artists.
2. People who work for a designer wear the designer's clothes all the time... makes sense I guess but still fun.
3. As of lunch today Trevor has had five straight meals of Mexican food.
4. Dresses/Women's clothes are referred to as she and her whether they're on a model, bust form, or on the floor (i.e. 'is she ready?', or, 'does her butt look big?', my personal favorite, 'can we move little sister closer to big sister?')-- They're clothes, not people... it's weird.
5. I <3 the talking heads

Styling a dress.


Trevor with his Morris cup. (Bean shout out)

Wedding gown.

The lunch I ordered!

Charlie retouching.

My Masterpiece.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"No Offense."

Day Five. 8am-6pm (10hrs)= 192.5 hours to go...

This morning I got on the subway and saw a shit stain on one of the seats on the opposite side of the car. It seriously looked like someone was sitting there, no pants, and just shit themselves. The subway is gross. Maybe I'll just stand from now on.

I have been getting very little sleep for the past three weeks and I think it finally caught up with me. I was in an awful mood. Charlie was hungover... We were quite the assistants today. We shot some flats for Lilly Pulitzer, which are clothes or accessories laid flat and photographed from above. It was pretty interesting. The camera was suspended on a boom stand about 10 ft in the air and operated from a program on the computer. We were shooting for a gift catalog and had a whole table of candy to put in the shots. They turned out really great. I helped with shooting a little but the true highlights of my day had to be making tea for someone and steaming some sweaters.... exciting stuff.

I will share that today was the first day I ever felt less than someone because of how much money I have... or don't have. At lunch everyone was talking about the crazy summer camps their kids go to and their plans for summer vacations. I had never or probably will never experience some of the things mentioned. I'm not saying I don't get to go on nice vacations or that I have never been to summer camp but I felt like the only one who was not living luxuriously. I was the outcast. Usually things like that don't bother me. I think my lack of sleep made me especially sensitive.

So finally the day ended and I stopped at whole foods for bread, milk, nutra-grain bars, and, my comfort food lately, japenese dumplings... mmm. I just ate them and will soon do some Netflix yoga with my lovely roommate, have some chai tea, and go to sleep. I am hostessing tomorrow. Hooray. Lately I have been considering joining the dark side of the kitchen (that would be serving) to make more money. I haven't made up my mind.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- photo time.

Tasty props.

Styling sweaters.


One of the setups.

Some prints.

A few photos.

Trevor being a candy stylist.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Fun Facts.

1. Models don't wear bras... unless you can see through the garment
2. Models don't wear underwear
3. Hair stylists and makeup artists wear black
4. Hair stylists and makeup artists like natural blond hair
5. In NYC gays of different styles live in different neighborhoods

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lilly again!

Day four. 8am-6pm (10hrs)= 202.5 hours to go...

I was originally supposed to hostess today and intern tomorrow but Trevor was thinking about taking Thurs and Fri off so I switched my schedule around at Friday's and here I am. Today I had a really awesome moment- I cut myself on an orange. How does one cut one's self on something round you might ask. Why on the stemmy little nubbin on the top, of course... but only if you're ridiculous like me. The juice didn't help.

It took us a little to get started this morning. Charlie was retouching images from yesterday so I was helping Trevor out with the shoot. We were shooting Lilly's stuff again. I adjusted the flash, held up a black card when the model was wearing white, moved fans, oh and I finally met Issa! I helped her bring in some nutra-grain bars, bagels, sodas, trash bags, etc. Trevor also asked me to take some photos today so he could update his blog.

Fun Fact- some creeper was eying me up on the subway home and when he got off he looked back and waved at me... ew.

That's all for today, I'm tiiiireedd. I did weird things in my sleep last night.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- some photos

Issa and Charlie and some sweaters




Trevor doing stuff..


Trevor in action.

Catch up- June 8th. Day Three.

8am-6:30pm (10.5hrs)= 212.5 hours to go...

Today was a weird day. We are doing a shoot for Lilly Pulitzer, a designer who's clothing is a kind of upper middle class suburban mom look. She even has some mommy and me outfits so moms and their daughters can match. It's nice stuff. I would wear some of it... I would never do that to my daughter though.

Anyways-- The lighting was off, the camera/computer was turning the images blue, the catering was messed up (Trevor gets breakfast and lunch catered). It was just an off day. Things went well once everything was set up and everyone was ready. The model was great- even on four hours of sleep. I think we had two garments that only took one shot to get the perfect photo. This shoot went way faster than the prom dresses, which I heard took way longer than expected on Friday after I left. Apparently the client forgot about and ad shot. At 6:30pm the lighting had to be changed, people missed their trains back to NYC, and some just left.... crazy. Those dresses took at least 20 shots per dress. Today's shoot was more like 6 shots per outfit.

Fun fact: This is my third day and I have received compliments on my natural blond hair by two hair stylists and a makeup artist.

I think that's all.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- more photos

studio setup

omg shoes.

hair. makeup.



Catch up- June 4th. Day Two

8am-5pm (9hrs)= 222 hours to go...

Today I spoke to Issa on the phone- some day we will meet. More prom dresses. I learned a little bit about power packs and the lighting set-up. Issa had me call Time Cycle, a courier service, to come pick up a cake and deliver it to Philadelphia Magazine. It was from the wedding shoot. I also put some fabric in Trevor's car for her. Charlie helped get it down from a high shelf in the storage area and was showered with glitter after a brilliant suggestion by me involving a mop. There is glitter everywhere. The wedding shoot had furniture and small trees covered in glitter and it does not want to leave.

Today was pretty repetitive as well. Friday's called me so I must leave a little early to go hostess. Awesome.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern... and hostess.

Ps- here's some photos.

Trevor's Hasselblad

Some dress...

Same dress, with computer view-- all the images come up there after they're shot.

Catch up- June 2nd. My first day.

8am-5pm (9hrs)= 231 hours to go...

I figured out the Market/Frankford line today. Suburban station still confuses me... it's like a city underground.

The first couple days will be observation... except when Charlie, Trevor's assistant and recent UArts grad, makes me put food away. My first official crappy intern job. Issa donates the leftovers from breakfast and lunch. I wonder if I will ever meet her or just communicate with her via e-mail forever.

Trevor did a really awesome shoot a few weeks ago for some wedding magazine. Tons of gowns, tuxes, jewelry and glitter in dark romantic scenes. It should be really great when it's finished. Today I was trusted with picking out all of the 'bad photos' (which mostly consist of shots where the flash didn't go off, lighting tests, shots with makeup and hair people in them, and in between shots in which the models are making weird faces).

Today was a shoot for some prom dresses. Tons of dresses, two young models, and an interesting client. She was in control of everything, as she should be-- she definitely knew what she wanted. One of the models looked like a young Catherine Zeta Jones and was fun and adorable. The other was pretty in an unusual way and didn't seem as graceful-- she was younger though so she probably had less experience. The shoot was pretty repetitive- straight shot, step in, movement, arm variations...

The one part that was overly exciting was dropping balls. I guess their ad has super balls in it so several of us dropped a handful or two of super balls into the shot as Trevor took photos. They came out pretty cool.

There is also a back studio where a lot of catalog shooting is done. Charlie called it 'the boring studio.' I helped out back there with renaming things and chatted with Ryan, the second photographer.

The environment here is great and everyone is really cool. I could definitely see myself working here or somewhere like it in the future. I am going to enjoy this summer.

--Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

To blog or not to blog... To blog.

My life is not glamorous. I am a student/hostess/intern. The internship is part of the student thing but definitely valued as a life and learning experience. Part of the requirement is to keep a daily journal and 4 days in I have decided to stop using pencils and start blogging. So this is my first post. Ta-da.

--Casey Cosgrove, Intern.