Monday, August 30, 2010

August 16th-25th.

So this time I have an excuse for not updating: I was going through a roommate switch and was without internet until today. My final week and a half at the studio was a very busy one. Trevor got a job with Vanity Fair, shooting their uniform line, which contains everything from chef jackets to polos. We had to unpack all the boxes and hang them up in numerical order. There was sooo much that I needed to call and order 4 garment racks and 200 hangers (because they didn't come with hangers and we literally used every hanger in the studio). I also helped out with some of the Catherine's shoot, steaming and renaming.

The shoot for VF started on Monday, the 23rd. Everything was shot flat and I was in charge of steaming (ugh). At least I only had to do the fronts of everything but I burnt myself sooo many times (I haaaaaaate steaming). I also unpacked and organized all of the props (whistles, plates, server tablets, towels.. etc.) I got to try Indian food for the first time. It was ok but not something I would choose to eat. We also had some Mexican and these awesome sandwiches. Lunch was definitely a highlight throughout the whole internship. I'm a poor college student so free food, and free good food is very satisfying.

So now I am finished and we all said our goodbyes and hopefully I will get to work with everyone again soon. I definitely enjoyed my time there and learned a lot from everyone I worked with.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern no longer.

Ps. Here are the last of my pictures...

This is Ryan making his icon for fantasy football haha

MY MOST HATED ENEMY... notice the steam at the top.

I organized the hangers we had before I used them all and had to order more.

These are some of the boxes I unpacked and flattened from the VF shoot.

This was a different shot for Fashion Bug. I think it was an advertisement shot or something.

This is one of the flats. I think it's a waiter/waitress.

And this is the photo of the waiter/waitress flat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today! There's VIDEO!!

(Dear random guys on Girard, Mami is no way to address a lady, if you want my attention 'excuse me miss' would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.)

Today we did a shoot for a clothing company called Stun. It's all girls clothes and they have another company called Wonderboy, which is all boys clothing. Really cute stuff. I steamed the clothes and burnt myself. Steam is hot. I hate steaming. First we did a couple flats of some puffy shorts and some other clothes on the mannequins. THEN! I ordered lunch and Trevor let me take his car to pick it up. That was intense. I have never been in a car that doesn't need a key to start... it just has a button. I was really confused at first because there was a fob on the keyring but no key.

After lunch we constructed a set and had some cute tiny models come in. That was a lot of fun. There were two girls and they were both adorable. It was a good day even though I was kind of sleepy. There was an especially cute moment between a little model and a knock-off Ikea Lambchop.

Monday is more Fashion Bug/Catherine's with Ryan and company. Trevor has a job in Nashville next week so I will be working with them all week except for Tuesday because I have stupid jury doody.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- adorable photos... AND A VIDEO!

Steamed allll these clothes.

This is a cute outfit. I would wear it.



Hair and makeup :)

Tiny model.

One of her cute photos.

Silly Video. Watch.

A cute shot with a blue Tweety mask purchased in Chinatown.

Cute model number two.

Again... I think her skirt was falling down.

Monday, Wednesday, Fancy stuff.

So I went in to the studio on Monday only to find out that there was nothing to be shot. I hung out for a little and figured out when I could come in with Trevor or Ryan and then left for the day.

Wednesday Trevor was doing an on location job at the Union League, which is a fancy club where they dress up and important people come and speak and there are Balls and all kinds of fancy stuff. We met there and went down into the construction area. The job was for the cover of their magazine, which was featuring the remodeling. We had some members come in and pose with the blueprints in one of the demolished rooms (it used to be a restaurant). It was a pretty cool experience. After we finished the cover shoot, we went upstairs into one of the fancy rooms and took some archival shots of some old dishes and glassware. There was supposed to be a sword but that never showed up. There was one dish that was shaped like a turtle that was pretty neat. Fun day.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- Here are some sweet pics.

Trevor doing some test shots

This is a room. We put our stuff in here.

Here's another room with cool wallpaper.

This is Trevor, Charlie, and Dave (the client) looking at the blueprints. Notice Charlie handing Dave his Perrier. He went to get us water and came back with a six pack of Perrier and said 'the spring water wasn't cold, is sparkling ok?' Trevor laughed and asked for shrimp cocktail. Sparkling water tastes like beer with no alcohol. ew. I drank it anyways.

Blueprints... the actual real ones.

Fun fact: big globs of glue are used to hold up walls of marble. These are glue globs. They were still kind of mushy.

We documented some of the construction. Charlie carried the laptop that the camera was hooked up to.

Here's a room with a fancy chandelier.

This is me being super cool in front of that epic wallpaper. This wasn't even the best part of it but I had to take it quickly.

Trevor checking out a pic he just took on the laptop (carried by the laptop carrier, Charlie)

This is the fancy room we were in later. Chandeliers and big curtains and carpet and wood and stuff.

That is a pitcher. Trevor is checking the light.

This is what the setup looked like for the random stuff we shot.

This is the turtle! His shell is the lid! Cool huh?

This is some stemware. I thought it looked pretty.