Monday, August 30, 2010

August 16th-25th.

So this time I have an excuse for not updating: I was going through a roommate switch and was without internet until today. My final week and a half at the studio was a very busy one. Trevor got a job with Vanity Fair, shooting their uniform line, which contains everything from chef jackets to polos. We had to unpack all the boxes and hang them up in numerical order. There was sooo much that I needed to call and order 4 garment racks and 200 hangers (because they didn't come with hangers and we literally used every hanger in the studio). I also helped out with some of the Catherine's shoot, steaming and renaming.

The shoot for VF started on Monday, the 23rd. Everything was shot flat and I was in charge of steaming (ugh). At least I only had to do the fronts of everything but I burnt myself sooo many times (I haaaaaaate steaming). I also unpacked and organized all of the props (whistles, plates, server tablets, towels.. etc.) I got to try Indian food for the first time. It was ok but not something I would choose to eat. We also had some Mexican and these awesome sandwiches. Lunch was definitely a highlight throughout the whole internship. I'm a poor college student so free food, and free good food is very satisfying.

So now I am finished and we all said our goodbyes and hopefully I will get to work with everyone again soon. I definitely enjoyed my time there and learned a lot from everyone I worked with.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern no longer.

Ps. Here are the last of my pictures...

This is Ryan making his icon for fantasy football haha

MY MOST HATED ENEMY... notice the steam at the top.

I organized the hangers we had before I used them all and had to order more.

These are some of the boxes I unpacked and flattened from the VF shoot.

This was a different shot for Fashion Bug. I think it was an advertisement shot or something.

This is one of the flats. I think it's a waiter/waitress.

And this is the photo of the waiter/waitress flat.


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