Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday, July 26.

So no shooting today. Did some swatches, hung out a little.... pretty sweet times.

This is an exciting blog entry.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Wednesday, July 21.

So obviously I am not a pro blogger. I can't even keep up with it when I'm only blogging twice a week. Anyways, swatches and naming, naming and swatches. Story of my intern life...

Oh! Fun fact: when we do a shoot for fashion bug or catherine's there is always a list of everything we need to shoot and how we are supposed to shoot it (angles, zipped, buttoned, etc.) and there are these pants that are the 'right fit' pants... they have straight, curvy, extra curvy (?)... so I thought the photo comments were amusing on the shot list for these pants... there's a photo. Look at it.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.


When I make swatches I have to change every single file name by taking out an underscore... for example xxxxx_##.jpg gets changed to xxxxx##.jpg. This is evidence.

Here's me renaming things in Bridge.

The shot list. Click on it if you can't read it. It will be bigger. Where? orrr wear? Come on fashion people.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Already...

Day Fourteen. 8am-6pm (10 hrs) =123 hours to go...

Today I helped Ryan out with some stuff for Catherine's, which is a plus size clothing company. It was a pretty laid back day-- I made some more swatches for Jake and renamed photos again. The models were fun. One of the models, Randi, had a whole bag of foam pieces that drag queens use to add curves and breasts and things to their bodies (allegedly) so Bessie, she's Issa's assistant/a junior stylist, and I upped our cup sizes a bit with the help of the foam 'cutlets'. Interesting. Back for more on Wednesday.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- I only took two photos.


Ryan photographing Randi, one of our lovely models.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Day Thirteen. 8am-6pm (10 hrs) =133 hours to go...

Yesterday was another Fashion Bug day. In the morning Trevor came in to help with a video shoot. I cleaned some plexiglas and then pretended to be a model so Ryan and Trevor could get the lighting right. They got to see some of my awesome dance moves. You can see what the video will look like here.

Later, Trevor left for a meeting and we shot some stills. I renamed some more photos, de-pinned models as they came off set and helped unpack some clothes from Catherine's, which we will be shooting next week. Trevor leaves for his cruise on Sunday and will be gone for a week so I will be working with Ryan and Arwen and the rest of the Catherine's/Fashion Bug crew next week.

It was a pretty relaxing day, though busy at times. The highlight definitely had to be playing kill, f***, marry with everyone on set, which is a game in which you pick three people (usually celebrities) and choose which one you would kill, which one you would have sex with, and which one you would marry... very professional day. Ha. It was fun, I needed the laughs.

Side note-- I have now officially been a waitress for two whole weeks.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- photoooooooos

Ryan and Trevor focusing the camera via computer

Shooting video.

Video playback.

Our lovely models.



Day Twelve. 8am-6pm (10hrs)= 143 hrs to go...

Ok sooooo I'm a little late again but at least it's not like weeks late this time... Monday we did some Fashion Bug stuff so I worked with the second photographer, Ryan, and the in house stylist, Arwen, as well as a hair stylist and her assistant. I renamed photos for hourrrsss... It was a decent day though, just not super exciting. The subway has actually been pretty calm lately too... Except now that I said that there will be someone creeping on me on Monday.

That is all for this post.. Borrrrinnnng

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- look!

I thought this shadow looked pretty neat :)

Here are some pants.

Arwen styling some shirt.

Ryan (second photographer), model, hair stylist, Charlie, my finger?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catch-up Again! July 7th.

Day Eleven. 8am-4pm (8hrs)= 153 hours to go...

Everyone had off on Monday, the 5th because of our country's birthday and everything so I interned on Wednesday again. Things were pretty chill today. Ryan, the other photographer that works for Trevor, was shooting some Catherine's stuff, which is a plus size company. We shoot stuff for their website. No big shoot. Trevor came in a little later and helped shoot some jewelry. There really wasn't much for me to do. I helped Charlie out with cropping some Lilly Pulitzer photos he was editing and then later cleaned up the kitchen... I ended up going home a little early because everything was under control.

Hopefully I will be doing some on location shooting soon. That should be an interesting change. Trevor said that August is going to be pretty busy so I anticipate more days in the studio and more blog updates.

Thanks for reading, sorry for my belated posts. Won't happen again ;)

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

ps- I didn't take any photos today

Playing Catch-up Again- June 30th

Day Ten. 8am-6pm (10hrs)= 161 hours to go...

So we were supposed to do some on-location shooting on Monday the 28th but one of the clients backed out and the other place was kind of far away so Trevor went by himself because it was a little more convenient for everyone. So I just went in on Wednesday and we were shooting some more prom dresses. I actually helped out with some swatch making (you know when you buy clothes online there is a little box you can click on to see the different colors... I made those boxes) and when I was done with that I covered some white flash cards with foil to reflect and change up the lighting a little. I also got to help set up some of the lighting and move things around throughout the shoot. It was a pretty good day.

fun fact of the day-- Stylists loooooooove fans.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

ps- photos.


Foil covered flash cards


Hair stylist loving the fan.

Ad shot