Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Already...

Day Fourteen. 8am-6pm (10 hrs) =123 hours to go...

Today I helped Ryan out with some stuff for Catherine's, which is a plus size clothing company. It was a pretty laid back day-- I made some more swatches for Jake and renamed photos again. The models were fun. One of the models, Randi, had a whole bag of foam pieces that drag queens use to add curves and breasts and things to their bodies (allegedly) so Bessie, she's Issa's assistant/a junior stylist, and I upped our cup sizes a bit with the help of the foam 'cutlets'. Interesting. Back for more on Wednesday.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- I only took two photos.


Ryan photographing Randi, one of our lovely models.


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