Thursday, July 15, 2010


Day Thirteen. 8am-6pm (10 hrs) =133 hours to go...

Yesterday was another Fashion Bug day. In the morning Trevor came in to help with a video shoot. I cleaned some plexiglas and then pretended to be a model so Ryan and Trevor could get the lighting right. They got to see some of my awesome dance moves. You can see what the video will look like here.

Later, Trevor left for a meeting and we shot some stills. I renamed some more photos, de-pinned models as they came off set and helped unpack some clothes from Catherine's, which we will be shooting next week. Trevor leaves for his cruise on Sunday and will be gone for a week so I will be working with Ryan and Arwen and the rest of the Catherine's/Fashion Bug crew next week.

It was a pretty relaxing day, though busy at times. The highlight definitely had to be playing kill, f***, marry with everyone on set, which is a game in which you pick three people (usually celebrities) and choose which one you would kill, which one you would have sex with, and which one you would marry... very professional day. Ha. It was fun, I needed the laughs.

Side note-- I have now officially been a waitress for two whole weeks.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- photoooooooos

Ryan and Trevor focusing the camera via computer

Shooting video.

Video playback.

Our lovely models.



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