Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 21.

So obviously I am not a pro blogger. I can't even keep up with it when I'm only blogging twice a week. Anyways, swatches and naming, naming and swatches. Story of my intern life...

Oh! Fun fact: when we do a shoot for fashion bug or catherine's there is always a list of everything we need to shoot and how we are supposed to shoot it (angles, zipped, buttoned, etc.) and there are these pants that are the 'right fit' pants... they have straight, curvy, extra curvy (?)... so I thought the photo comments were amusing on the shot list for these pants... there's a photo. Look at it.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.


When I make swatches I have to change every single file name by taking out an underscore... for example xxxxx_##.jpg gets changed to xxxxx##.jpg. This is evidence.

Here's me renaming things in Bridge.

The shot list. Click on it if you can't read it. It will be bigger. Where? orrr wear? Come on fashion people.


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