Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today! There's VIDEO!!

(Dear random guys on Girard, Mami is no way to address a lady, if you want my attention 'excuse me miss' would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.)

Today we did a shoot for a clothing company called Stun. It's all girls clothes and they have another company called Wonderboy, which is all boys clothing. Really cute stuff. I steamed the clothes and burnt myself. Steam is hot. I hate steaming. First we did a couple flats of some puffy shorts and some other clothes on the mannequins. THEN! I ordered lunch and Trevor let me take his car to pick it up. That was intense. I have never been in a car that doesn't need a key to start... it just has a button. I was really confused at first because there was a fob on the keyring but no key.

After lunch we constructed a set and had some cute tiny models come in. That was a lot of fun. There were two girls and they were both adorable. It was a good day even though I was kind of sleepy. There was an especially cute moment between a little model and a knock-off Ikea Lambchop.

Monday is more Fashion Bug/Catherine's with Ryan and company. Trevor has a job in Nashville next week so I will be working with them all week except for Tuesday because I have stupid jury doody.

Casey Cosgrove, Intern.

Ps- adorable photos... AND A VIDEO!

Steamed allll these clothes.

This is a cute outfit. I would wear it.



Hair and makeup :)

Tiny model.

One of her cute photos.

Silly Video. Watch.

A cute shot with a blue Tweety mask purchased in Chinatown.

Cute model number two.

Again... I think her skirt was falling down.


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